Terms of service

Conditions of our service

1.            All work carried out by NepaliTranslation.co.uk (NepaliTranslation.co.uk) is in accordance with these conditions unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.            i) In the absence of written instructions to the contrary the work will be translated for information and understanding only which is of a high enough standard for use in general correspondence.

ii) A translation for any purpose requiring a higher level of accuracy may be subject to a surcharge.

iii) Should a client wish to use a translation for a purpose other than that for which it was originally supplied the client shall obtain confirmation from NepaliTranslation.co.uk that the translation is suitable for the intended new purpose. NepaliTranslation.co.uk reserves the right to amend and adapt the previously supplied translation, if necessary, for the new purpose and for which a further charge will be made. No liability will be accepted for any translation used for a purpose not disclosed by NepaliTranslation.co.uk on submission of the work for translation. The client shall indemnify NepaliTranslation.co.uk against any loss in goodwill or otherwise arising from a use of the translation which is not to the purpose for which it was originally supplied.

iv) Whilst NepaliTranslation.co.uk undertakes to use its best endeavours to produce an accurate and idiomatic translation of the client’s original text, a translation may read differently from original writing. It is essential that material required for advertising or promotional purposes is checked by the client’s agent, affiliate or representative in the target country. No liability will be accepted by NepaliTranslation.co.uk for any lack of advertising or sales impact or loss resulting there from.

v) When a translation is to be typeset it is necessary that the proofreading is carried out by a competent linguist. NepaliTranslation.co.uk can arrange this at a nominal cost.

vi) NepaliTranslation.co.uk shall not be under any obligation to correct or indicate errors in the original language.

3.            i) Verbal quotations are for guidance only. They are not binding unless confirmed in writing. Written quotations remain valid for 30 days after despatch. The cost of a translation is determined in accordance with advertised standard charges (subject to clause 2(ii) above) and is based upon the number of words in either the original or the translated text, or as per our quotation.

ii) Work cancelled or postponed prior to completion shall be chargeable in accordance with any quotation or if none in accordance with NepaliTranslation.co.uk’s scale of charges together with all costs and disbursements incurred by NepaliTranslation.co.uk on behalf of the client.

iii) All accounts are net and due on completion of the work. Monthly credit accounts may be opened for regular clients on request, in which case payment must be received by the end  of the month following the month in which the invoice is raised. Without prejudice to NepaliTranslation.co.uk’s other rights, a service charge of 2% per month will be made on all accounts outstanding beyond the due date and will be added to these accounts.

iv) If because of circumstances beyond its control NepaliTranslation.co.uk is unable to complete any contract, payments shall be made by the client for the work done. No liability shall fall on NepaliTranslation.co.uk for failure to complete the contract.

4.            All documents are sent to NepaliTranslation.co.uk and handled by NepaliTranslation.co.uk at the client’s risk. NepaliTranslation.co.uk accepts no liability for loss or damage to documents or for any consequential loss or damage. Delivery of a translation shall be deemed to be on the date of posting or delivery to a carrier as the case may be.

5.            i) NepaliTranslation.co.uk will complete a translation with all reasonable speed but dates or periods given for completion of work are an estimate for guidance only and unless agreed in writing not binding on NepaliTranslation.co.uk. Liability for the failure by NepaliTranslation.co.uk to meet a deadline previously agreed by them in writing shall be limited to the cost of translation and shall not extend to cover any consequential loss.

ii) No liability whatsoever shall be incurred by NepaliTranslation.co.uk and its parent company AIOSTORE LTD for errors in any translation required by a date which precludes proper checking and editing.

6.            The client warrants that he is the copyright owner of material submitted for translation or is licensed by the copyright owner to obtain a translation and will indemnify NepaliTranslation.co.uk its servants and agents against liability for infringement of copyright patent or design or any other third party claim.

All disputes between NepaliTranslation.co.uk and the client shall be subject to the jurisdiction of English law and shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules laid down.

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